About Me


Growing up I was always passionate about the arts. I study art and music from an early age. My parents never bought me coloring books, I always had plenty of paper, paint and a child-size easel. I began studies at the Willoughby School of Fine Art in the Cleveland area at a very young age, then moving to Cincinnati in the mid-70’s, I studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy while attending high school.

During my senior year of high school my family moved to Southern California where I continued my studies in art at Citrus College. I then transferred to San Diego State University to study Fine Art with an Emphasis is Graphic Design, I finished my education in Graphic Design at Platt College in San Diego.

After college I worked in the Graphics field with a large publishing company, then as a freelance designer.

My career took a turn when I was introduced to Merchandising, I worked for several large companies such as Pier One, Linens and Things, then Office Max. At that time, my painting took a back seat.

Now that I have re-entered the art field, I have studied with several Myrtle Beach area artists and have been showing my work. It feels great to be back doing what I love! My style has definitely changed from my younger years, but if it hadn’t I wouldn’t be who I am today!

I hope you enjoy my work!

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